Kitchen renovation Bentleigh

Renovating a kitchen in Bentleigh, a suburb well-known for its blend of classic charm and modern conveniences in Melbourne, is a project that combines aesthetics, functionality, and adherence to local Australian standards. This comprehensive guide walks you through the ten critical steps of kitchen renovation, tailored specifically to the Bentleigh area’s unique characteristics and regulations.

1. Designing Your Kitchen

The journey of transforming your Bentleigh kitchen begins with a well-thought-out design. This stage involves understanding space utilization, aesthetic preferences, and the functionality required. In Bentleigh, where both contemporary and traditional homes abound, your design must harmonize with the overall architectural style. Consider consulting with local Melbourne designers who are familiar with the latest Australian kitchen trends like open-plan layouts, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable materials.

2. Removing Existing Cabinets

Once your design is set, the next step is the removal of existing cabinetry. This phase must be handled with care to avoid damaging the existing structure and utilities. In Australia, particularly in older Bentleigh homes, you might encounter materials like asbestos, which require professional removal according to Victoria’s health and safety regulations.

3. Beginning the Building Work

With the old kitchen stripped back, structural work begins. This might involve altering walls or windows, which in Bentleigh, must comply with the Victorian Building Authority’s regulations. Always engage with a registered building practitioner for any structural changes, ensuring that all work aligns with the Australian Building Standards.

4. Installing Cabinets

Cabinet installation is a critical step that shapes your kitchen’s functionality and appearance. In Bentleigh, there’s a trend towards custom cabinetry that maximizes space and incorporates innovative storage solutions. It’s vital to choose materials and finishes that not only suit the Melbourne climate but also meet the Australian standards for cabinetry.

5. Setting the Benchtop

Choosing the right benchtop material is crucial for both aesthetics and durability. Popular choices in the Bentleigh area include engineered stone, granite, and laminates. Each material has its specific installation requirements and maintenance needs, which should align with the Australian Consumer Law guarantee on products and services.

6. Connecting Electricals and Plumbing

Electrical and plumbing works must be carried out by licensed professionals in Australia. In Bentleigh, this means adhering to the Victorian Building Authority’s guidelines. Ensure that your electrical fittings and plumbing works support modern appliances and fixtures, and remember to consider energy efficiency for compliance with the National Construction Code in Australia.

7. Fitting the Splashback

The splashback not only protects your walls but also adds a design element to your kitchen. In Bentleigh, there’s a growing trend towards using materials like glass, stainless steel, and tiles. The choice should complement your benchtop and cabinetry while meeting the Australian standards for fire safety and hygiene.

8. Laying Flooring

Flooring should be both functional and appealing. In Bentleigh, popular options include hardwood, tiles, and vinyl, each suited to different lifestyle needs and budgets. Your choice must meet the Australian standards for slip resistance and durability, particularly important in a kitchen environment.

9. Painting the Walls

Painting gives your kitchen a fresh, new look. In Australia, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints are preferred for their environmental and health benefits. Selecting the right type of paint and finish for a kitchen environment, which often deals with moisture and varying temperatures, is crucial.

10. Enjoying Your New Kitchen

Finally, after all the hard work, it’s time to enjoy your newly renovated kitchen. A well-executed kitchen renovation not only improves your daily life but can also significantly increase the value of your Bentleigh property.


Renovating a kitchen in Bentleigh requires a careful balance of design, functionality, and adherence to local and national regulations. By following these ten steps and considering the unique aspects of the Australian market, homeowners in Bentleigh can achieve a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical. Remember, engaging with local professionals and suppliers who understand the specifics of the Melbourne market and Australian standards is key to the success of your kitchen renovation project.